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Some things in life and biz are shifting; and we’ve been  changing a bit ourselves.
From an inner, spirit perspective, some notes…  from a recent session with intuitive life coach Nancy Nicholas.  Nancy is a gifted intuitive and friend. Her sessions always begin with a prayer, creating a sacred space, setting intentions, and asking our spiritual support teams to be present and guide us.  Two guides, Mother Goddess and Archangel Michael, came through for us this time:
Whatever I do or create has to be because I want to, because I’m following what I’m here for, where I’m drawn.  It can never be about who’s going to follow me–or not; or who’s going to want it–or not; or about the money.
(Has to be coming from a place of love and joy, because it’s something I really want to do…)
We are breaking barriers; and it takes supreme energy to break through.
(…the challenges of the past year and before.)
I need to go where I need to go … and not worry about who will follow.  Comes back to, What is my personal path of coming back to who I am? 
(And there is no fudging on any of it.  Can’t be someone else or take their place or do their work; have to find and speak with our own voice, sing our own song, shine our own light.)
I (we?) need to follow what I am here for.  No turning around or we get lost and leave our way.
Helping other people can never be the focus.
(Big YES! from guides, Archangel Michael, on that one.)
We need to help and heal our self … (healthy selfish)
Like Moses – All he could do was follow what he was shown – keep moving forward.  No stepping left, right, or backwards.
It is never about helping others; it’s about helping and healing ourselves.
(Wow.  That’s one to ponder. )
And then this metaphor:
From Caterpillar to Butterfly:  We still think we are caterpillars looking for the next leaf ….except that we have transformed into butterflies.  So we need to adjust, and learn to live as a butterfly –We have wings, and fly free to the next flower that gets our, my attention.
Trust that the wind supports our flight to the flower.  Butterfly has a much different way of movement–not limited to earth plane, caterpillar, constraints.  We’re butterflies trying to act like caterpillars–and there’s no going back.
More to ponder; and more on those wings Life Outside the Cocoon!  How do we Use These Wings? by Nancy Nicholas
And from another source:

Don’t worry about this world; it is not broken. And don’t worry about others. You worry more about them than they do. There are people waging war; there are people on the battlefield who are more alive than they’ve ever been before. Don’t try to protect people from life; just let them have their experience while you focus upon your own experience.
— Abraham

When a similar message comes my way more than once, from unrelated sources, my ‘pay attention’ antennae goes up.
Spiritual journeys, our reasons for being alive, and also leaving when we do.  Questions we have all pondered…or will when a death or a defining moment touches us deeply.  Great mysteries, and great paradoxes also:
Love one another … and yet, each of us must focus on our own path and not be concerned about somebody else’s.  We each have our own.
And then there’s that fable of a long table filled with a feast.  Everyone at the table is starving … because they cannot bend their arms to feed themselves.  And then they finally figure it out: that by feeding each other, there is plenty; they all get to eat and enjoy the feast before them.
Sift and ponder the parts that draw you; gently bless and release the rest.  Blessings.  – Anne

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