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I want to connect 1,000 women to create an incredible 2013!…and life!
Not alone; with others too… others who desire to empower and be empowered; to inspire and be inspired; to grow their spirit and dreams.
I’m not sure I KNOW 1,000 women…or maybe I do.  Not all of them are into ARTSY, Playful, Joyful, Spirited, Creative, and collaborative types, though And that is whose energy and life and dreams I LOVE connecting with, being part of creating, helping grow, and ENJOY the SYNERGIES of relationships and creations.  I’m a catalyst creative….and those who connect with me are also.
Will you join me?  And allow me–and yourself–to be a catalyst creative connector… I call it an everyday goddess community, because that’s what I perceive each one of us is.  We are beautiful, gifted, magnificent everyday earth goddesses — with a lot of love in our hearts and desires and dreams of GREAT goodness.  WE are needed.  And in exactly the right place and time.
All cooperative components are being assembled.  (Abraham)
Women are looking for their wings and wanting more Freedom, LOVE, JOY, and Positive spiritual support to BE themselves and Grow their GREATNESS.  INSPIRATION and encouragement to create a life that FEELS AMAZING and at least give their dreams a chance!  I KNOW this from the deepest part of my soul!   I’ve lived it.  It’s why I do what I do…and these words of wisdom had some influence also:

I don’t want to be 97 years old, looking back at my life and saying, “I wonder… what if..”  – (like Grandma did)

When you find your passion, the last thing you need is permission.  And if there’s not an organization doing what you feel led to do, you create your own.  – Pam Grout

None of us–or few of us–do it alone, though.  And following our heart, our inner MUSE, our JOY, our Passions, finding Our Voice and speaking it out loud, takes courage–especially in the midst of those who say ‘Face Reality’ and then share their own darkened perceptions. And beautiful Flames of Light get snuffed out …unless there’s another voice, circles of support, connection, to project a different, Light-infused ‘Reality’ to face.
I choose the JOYFUL possibilities focus! To look in the direction of what I want and dream of.  To Allow the unfolding… and to allow others to help me.
Life is full of catalysts and opportunities and ways to get from here to there–and some of them involve the seemingly miraculous…someone else picking us up and taking us there…chance meetings … universal surprises … connections talking about exactly what you’re wanting.

Tap in … Help yourself CREATE AN INCREDIBLE 2013 and Life with me

Here’s to women connecting to themselves and each other, to positively PLAY and PROSPER and grow their Greatness!  Some  connections have already started!  Love it!  Thank you.
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