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Hello beautiful people!
I have been practicing Bliss … totally enjoying and taking note of the magic in moments I live each day.  Ordinary things, like walks before dawn on peaceful winter mornings, and saying thank you with each step for everything that comes to mind–from the practical non-slip shoe grips for sure-footed walking on ice patches to the appreciation of this body and breathing; coffee shop dates, warming hands around an art fair mug of steaming hot coffee and savoring time to create, appreciate, allow ideas and inspirations to flow, and write; paying attention to everyday things–who I’m with, what we’re doing, following through on quirky inspirations to make a call, send an email, an afternoon excursion to a tropical rainforest in the middle of winter; a quiet evening at home spent watching The Peaceful Warrior with one of my own.  All things to feed my soul and not miss this life.
Life’s river ride is always moving.  We don’t get moments back again.  And some have to last a lifetime.  Practicing Bliss, feeling excitement and anticipation, propels us forward;  and Life provides our catalysts to create and do and be whatever it is that has our name on it.  We have a role in this too.  Intention, thoughts, and especially paying attention to what we Love.

Recommended reading:  The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, and also The Power
And maybe tune in to Stacy Whetlow’s Blogtalk Radio show, The Art of Living, Wednesday afternoon at 2, Feb 13.  Stacy asked me to talk about losing Laura…and some of the growing through it.
Have a beautiful bliss-discovering (and bliss-following) week everyone.  – Anne
PS  More inspiration and magic this week:  February News Notes – The Spirituality of Happiness. 
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