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We must give before we receive … and it must be personal and relational.

Life’s message, lesson, of the last few days…
Two days ago:
I got a call from another complementary wellness industry entrepreneur, new in the area and who I had never met, who said he was calling to see how we might be of help to each other…  And for the remainder of the call, he told me about his business and what he offers, and even asked who my current supplier of the product he offers was.   I asked if there was anything else.  He said, “No, that’s about it.”  I wished him a good day and we ended the call.
It was a sales call, neither personal, nor relational.  His opening statement did not match the content of his call.
One day ago:
A gifted professional, client, and creative entrepreneur confides a need that brings to mind a way I might help her meet some of that need.
It was a professional call…and it was both personal and relational.   Wheels are in motion in her favor…and it comes from the heart, with ease and much pleasure.
I received an email from a local non-profit.  Last week they sent me a letter about their organization.  And I responded with an email of support and perhaps to be of assistance.  I was delighted to be receiving a response–except it wasn’t.  Instead, it was a fundraiser email solicitation…neither personal, nor relational.
Taking Note:
I noticed my gut reaction and feelings at the time, in each of these interactions.  Contrast brings clarity.
How about you?  When you read through each of those stories, was there a feeling, a reaction?
What I found is that it felt good in my gut in the second story, when it was both personal and relational.  In that experience, I was (and am) most willing, drawn, delighted, and wanting to respond to and support the person and her request.
Love, relationships, business and personal… Success; receiving what we desire; feeling appreciated, loved, supported …   To receive what we want–and have others eager to help us do it! … is a deeper, more delicious kind of success.  We get what we desire easier; and it’s a giving.. and receiving… relationship that feels good to our gut, our spirit, our heart.
There’s more to this feeling, relational approach to business and success.  Let’s talk more when you’re ready, when you want more.
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