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Playing dress-up
Playing dress-up

I had no intention of buying a dress that day, nowhere on my radar. It was an indoor flea market on a Sunday afternoon, a chance to meet my brother and sister-in-law and just hang out. We are an eclectic bunch, and what better place than a flea market–except maybe an art fair–to follow the muse and play.  And it was during this leisurely exploring that I spotted a rack of vintage dresses–not usually what draws me…only this day it did.
And there it was, a classic little black flapper dress.  Oh wow. lovely.  So I looked further, got it out, held it up.  And of course my sister-in-law says, Go try it on.  I hesitated.  And the booth owner said, yes, Go ahead and pointed me in the direction of the rest rooms.  Such trust…
Part of me was hoping it wouldn’t fit, an easy reason not to get it.  Except that it did–perfectly and delightfully.  There is a  magic in putting on a dress that looks and feels like it was made for you.
I don’t get to wear it often.  When I do, though, it’s a special occasion and I feel fabulous–and there’s a sense, a reminder, of women who wore these dresses in the roaring 20s…and I think of my grandmother who was in her 20s at that time, and I wonder…  There is a bit of Bohemian in my blood, and in my spirit too.
To fun, fashion finds, and feeling fabulous, playing dress-up in clothes that bring good memories and a bit of magic in their wearing.  – Anne

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