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I walk in her house for the second time that day.  A brother is looking out the back window at the raccoon caught in a live trap the night before.  My nephew, an avid hunter, is to ‘take care of it’ later…
Something said this was not going to end well for a critter whose only crime was foraging for food–in a neighbor’s garden.  Nuisance, maybe; certainly not worthy of punishment by death.
So brother and I went closer and began figuring out how to work the trap and safely release the captive.  Eventually we loaded the caged critter on brother’s truck, borrowed some sturdy wire on a spool from another brother–one definitely not happy about my our compassionate intent–and took a road trip to nearby wildlife refuge.  There we put our plan into action.
To hook up the wire, roll it out a safe distance and pull, and see the latch opening, opening… and finally that little one breaks loose and runs free, dances, and disappears into the tall grass!  A feeling so incredibly good!  Shared a hug and a high five with brother; did my own happy dance, and knew somewhere deeper, this was an important soul lesson for me.
Lesson 351:  When it’s put before me, it is mine to deal with, to choose… to act in accordance with my soul and compassionate heart, or not.  I may not be able to save them all.  This one, though, was presented to me, and its life was in my power to influence and make a difference in; and the choice was mine.
This time, I fully (and finally) found my voice and courage to say, No, not on my watch! to voices of oil authority and influence, where before I may not have.  It was visceral.  That might be the way they do thing around there.  On my watch, though, it will not be that way if I can help it.  In situations I am in, I need to and will be true to the greater part of who I am.
Lesson 352:  The empowering power of a partner.  I hold sincere gratitude that first brother was present, expressed compassion that touched my own, and was a co-conspiring collaborator…because I know how much it helped to empower what was already inside me and gave me the extra boost of courage, strength, spunk, power, to ACT on, SPEAK UP, and DO what my heart really wanted to do–even in the face of someone else’s–family–voiced disapproval, dissatisfaction, and disagreement.  Wow… yes.
When two or three are gathered… This is god and goddess work we’re up to here… our presence and voice and compassion and coming together….  At least one life knows it and is freer because of it today.   Blessed, grateful, and appreciating.  – Anne

First, do no harm.  – Hippocrates

More and more, my spirituality is of the heart and a dance with the sacred moments life presents me. I offer you and others on this path the wisdom and soul lessons this dance has brought. …a simpler spirituality; tools and coaching for souls that a shifting, deeper seekers and spiritual path-pavers.  More

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