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It’s a spur-of-the-moment “Happy Hour,” actually… on the shirttails of a Chocolate Happy Hour upstairsAnd a Science of Happiness Happy Hour  Open House downstairs.  The signs say from 6 to 7, could be extended.
There have been signs on the doors all week already.  Jon, the host, dropped in the other day to personally invite me. Who doesn’t love chocolate?!
And then I thought, hmmm…. HAPPY Hour … The Science of HappinessMichael and maybe show the Happy Movie….
So we’re here.  Drop by  at Grandview Center, 2312 N Grandview Blvd (Hwy T exit), Waukesha Chocolate Happy Hour upstairs; Science of Happiness in Suite 101, downstairs.
I’m excited about this because, Michael Robichaud is the incredible man I’m married to, the love of my life.  And even before he learned about this course he teaches on the Science of Happiness, he had already read many of the authors and scientists and researchers referenced.  And then, being Michael, he added his own touches in the mix.  I’d love you to meet him for other important reasons too.  And those are his stories to tell…  I just get to be his wife and raving fan and truly appreciate how amazingly awesome he is and how blessed we both are.  If you can take a course from him, do it!  He was born for this, and you will be much richer and happier for it.
– Anne
PS  We added another ‘Happy Hour’ for ourselves next week Thursday, September 5, from 5-7 pm too.  See you soon!

Happy Movie Now Playing at the Drive-in

Mike and Mo

2 thoughts on “Science of Happiness Open House tonight–and Thurs Sept 5 too

  1. Hi Anne and Michael,
    If I would have had this earlier, you bet I would have been there:) Colleen Hickmann. I now am signed up for the Blog, duh…Love

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