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The soul message of Easter is that we live beyond our physical death.  “You will do all these things and greater.” …heal, perform miracles, know things beyond your present experience, live beyond death…  Say the word and it is done …  Ask and it is given

Notes from “The Purple Memo Book: Letters to Brianna”
There is nothing like a death of someone close, someone we loved, who was full of life and had much to live for, to shift our viewpoint on all things religion and spiritual.  It brings one to the very core of what we were taught to believe— about death, about god, about life, about why we’re here.  There are so many whys.  And all of our beliefs are questioned, re-evaluated.  Permission granted to question.  Our experiences, feelings, emotions–all of it–are allowed and good, in terms of being real, valuable, and necessary to explore.
Your mom was my sister.  Her death caused both of us to take deep spiritual journeys–and re-think our beliefs about death and the hereafter.
I heard you’re having trouble in religion classes.  Of course you are!  Those who are teaching about god’s love, death and resurrection, sin and death–and death being caused by our sins–have not had their mother taken from them so recently, like you have.  What they’re teaching and talking about doesn’t answer or apply to the real and deeper questions you’re feeling and need answers to.
And, what you’re hearing in those classes and in church, is upsetting.   (No, your mother’s death was not because you did something bad.)
They don’t hear their words like you do, though; they haven’t lived your loss…  And until they do, or until something else “rocks their spiritual-beliefs to their core,” they’ll be okay teaching what they teach and believing what they believe.
Your young spiritual-beliefs world, however, has been rocked and shattered into gravel-sized pieces.
Because my world was shaken too, because my perspective is different from your religion classes, and because I love you and most want to help you positively put some of your pieces together… so they connect and help answer what you’re ask and needing… and reassure and heal what’s hurting…
I will listen if you want to talk, vent, question, or not.  What I want you to know most is to trust your feelings, instincts, vision.  The perspectives you’re being taught are out of somebody else’s experience, not yours.  It if doesn’t fit or inspire you, ignore it … like when somebody is speaking a foreign language you don’t understand.  You know they’re not talking to you…. really.  When it comes to Spirit, when it’s talking to you, you will always know and resonate and understand perfectly.  I know this for sure. …  Love you.

4-20-2014 – Easter Sunday20140420_185822
I asked for the meaning of Easter beyond church walls… and the answer came that it affirms we live after death…
And how do I know?  How do I know my sister still lives somehow now, and how do I connect and communicate with her?–and she with me? … I cannot physically see her.
Sometimes I hear her voice in my own; sometimes she pulls heart strings and opens my tears–not in sadness, though.  Tears have long been an indicator that I’m on holy ground…  And I gave her permission…  All kinds of other little ways, too; private references, messages, only her sister would ‘get.’
At the funeral of a friend last weekend, the Apostles’ Creed was read.  And I found myself pondering the words and changing them to, “I believe in the reincarnation of the body and life everlasting” instead.
In the church version, we’re asked to believe in physical bodily resurrection.
I don’t believe that, though.  In fact, in biblical accounts, three separate times, people who should have recognized the risen master, did not…  In the course of their meeting, though, something clued them in that their friend who had passed, was letting them know he was okay and still with them.  (One of my interesting findings when I researched reincarnation for a religious studies undergrad paper and presentation.)
There are some who can see someone who has died.  Movies like Ghost; show’s like Ghost Whisperer; mediums like John Edward and James Van Prague.  And that story about Jesus appearing to the apostles and their being able to see him. …  Back then, I didn’t personally know people who have eyes that see spirits.  Now I do.
And now I see another layer, another understanding, to that story.  Their eyes were opened…and they had their reassurance, confirmation, that this man they loved was still with them…and would always be there for them.
The message of the master’s experience was not death and suffering and guilt.  It was living and loving out loud, being who we are, knowing we are trusted and connected, and that our voice, our words, choices, and actions have ripple affects–they change the world (family, workplaces, health, wealth, relationships…) in whatever direction we are putting our efforts and intentions.

What scripts do you want to re-write so they empower your spirit to live out loud? (with purpose, passion and joy, even!)  A soul is powerful and empowering thing…when it’s plugged in and wired to do so.
What pieces would you like to put together with inspiration, affirmation, love, light and positive perspective?  (You’ve already figured I have a different and soothing way of doing that…)
I’m a soul coach and spiritual counselor beyond church walls.  I have extra openings this week for soul-lifting sessions about Spirit and religion matters, and life matters,  Making Life Count, Reincarnation,  Eyes that see spirits, and other personal transitions beyond church walls that you’re going through.
We are experiencing Post-traumatic Growth — when something BIG (a death, divorce, gay son, gifted visions, innocence lost) rocks our world and shatters our heart into gravel-size pieces.   …always leads to soul work.
Blessings – Anne

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