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Hello Great People!
I was talking to my friend and Happiness Seminar sister Kathy Clegg, last night.  It was supposed to be our weekly Personal Renaissance  and Abundance Circle–and we kept getting side-tracked…except that everything seemed to flow together.  It was all connected and it was a magical and delightful excursion of conversations.
The reading used the term Generative Abundance, and the example was that when a pond or river does not have movement or outlets, it soon becomes a toxic environment where nothing grows or thrives.  Conversely, in waters where there is flow and movement, there is life and growth and sustainability.
Kathy and I are both passionate, creative and empowering coaches!  For us, it’s all about high-level wellness — helping others discover and grow their greatness; LIVING their life purpose, tapping their passion!
And here’s the AH-HA:  In doing what we do–helping others live passionately–we are also living OUR life purposes, and we are re-generating ourselves–and being incredible happy and abundant in the process!
Like a lake that naturally collects water to supply its reservoir, and then feeds the streams and rivers, it’s the same principle with all abundance.  To be generative, abundance needs to flow and serve others.20140606_091719
It was Kathy and I who started these Happiness Seminars out of conversations just like this several months ago.  And we continue because they energize us!  (And they help others too! It’s what we do naturally…)  Life is so FULL of positive powerful amazing possibilities.
Our Happiness Project continues tonight, June 11, at the West Bend Library.  It’s Free, open to the Public, and Kathy and I hope you’ll join us.  3 Speakers, 3 doorways to happiness.  And free tonight in West Bend.
Enjoy your day!  It’s all good.  See you soon.  – Anne

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