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Happiness 5312014 2Hello Great People!
This week, we added a 4th FREE Guest Speaker to our continuing traveling tour to share what we know about happiness and start GROWING conversations!
Our theme:  Happiness is an Inside Job “Coffee House Conversations”  — from Brain, Body, and Soul perspectives–led by three passionate, personable, and positive teacher-coaches!
Join us this Saturday morning, May 31, at PurBalance Yoga Therapy, home Studio of Janet Golownia — who not only knows and teaches all things yoga, she also knows a lot about nutrition, depression, and the role of happiness in healing a body.  She’ll begin our morning with a bit about yoga and some gentle, feel-good stretches…
Then, you’ll hear from Michael, Kathy, and me–sharing the science of happiness (our brain’s role); what story our hands tell about our path to happiness (body); and the soul (personal) level of happiness.
From the fields of science, health and wellness, education, and religions, we are in post-traumatic GROWTH and evolving as people: pivotal life events have significantly changed how we perceive and value ‘Happiness’ and ‘high-level wellness.’
Our intention:  We are catalysts to new conversations and coaches to happier healthier high-level living.
Speaker Notes:

Michael Robichaud "Science of Happiness"
Michael Robichaud
“Science of Happiness”

Michael Robichaud has been a student, teacher, confidant, hermit, cartoonist, business manager, writer, actor (on and off stage) and musician; some for money, others for life experience and growth. He is a teacher of the science of happiness course with  To Michael, science provides an operator’s manual for our brain—facilitating awareness of how the brain works, for our happiness…and against it.   Join The Happiness Journey with Michael at or contact him for a personal course on happiness—Michael-style. 262-524-0929 or
Kathy Clegg 'Mama Pan'
Kathy Clegg
‘Mama Pan’

Kathy Clegg is a transformational life coach, counselor, writer and hand analyst with MP Possibilities Coaching LLC. Committed to living life in alignment with soul fulfillment, she specializes in providing in-person and distance life purpose hand analysis sessions along with transformational coaching for success and happiness in work-life balance, careers, relationships and parenting. As mother of three magical children she writes as mother of Peter, rooted in her heart, providing insights and perspectives of “growing-up” in a playground of magnificent possibilities. More information is available at or contact her for speaking, seminars, workshops and Fairy Tale Retreats by calling 262-224-0774 or emailing
Anne Wondra 'WonderSpirit'
Anne Wondra

Anne Wondra is a soul coach, muse, writer, and women’s circle leader.   A mid-life roar of awakening led to leaving her religion to find much-needed woman-centered soul food. WonderSpirit was birthed to inspire, empower, and free the feminine spirit… with powerfully positive voices and wisdom of women. From roots on a family farm, nature, and all the places life took her—before and after—law, religion, ministry, corporate business, training, human resources, coaching, and life—her role is facilitating freedom and joy in personal path finding and soul work. Visit for more. Contact Anne for private coaching, spiritual bridges work, summer beach group, and other classes, groups, and workshops.   262-544-4310.
See you soon!   RSVPs appreciated.
Enjoy ‘the Happy Song’ in the meantime.  – Anne

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