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Hello good people,
Summer started with a whirlwind weekend.  Cliff notes below are from FB post.  There’s so much more; and the significance of these moments, I take in and appreciate.  I know how fleeting they can be on the one hand, and how delightfully fun crazy beautiful amazing and perfect on the other.  North Beach-FBcrop

Weekend highlights: Arizona visitors, Princeton Flea Market and fresh peas, first visit to Amish country, horses and buggies, yummy giant pecan roll, and deer sightings, all five Robi-clan sibs and s.o.’s together Saturday night at RobiMom’s, delicious food–a joined effort of shared talents and palates, laughter, bird watching, picnic and hike through Horicon Marsh, seeing turtles and the cutest tiny little skunk kitten wandering in the grass and onto the trail–and us keeping a respectful distance knowing mamma is close by–catching nephew’s baseball game and time with Wondr-clan on the way home. Appreciating. What a way to start summer.

Summer  beach group series has started; yes you can still get in!  There is something wonderful that happens when women start talking and sharing and tapping the experience and expertise of each other.  This year’s ‘backdrop book’ is Goddesses in Older Women…author-defined as a woman over fifty–and all of us that gathered so far, are.
This author says we are in the third phase of our lives.  Or roles and work is shifting into something different.  (Talked about that today.)  And depending on the woman, there is excitement–or an uneasiness–with that…and maybe some of both.
Change is always disruptive.  One of this morning’s women likened it to remodeling one’s kitchen…or house.  You believe the end result will be worth it, you have a vision of what it will look like.  We are doing some of that.  And Goddesses in Older Women is providing some of those visions, and we are bringing in some of our own, too.

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Another post, kind of related, and not, is Choosing for Our self.  There’s an inner remodeling project going on in many women; conflicting loyalties, fears, teachings, beliefs.  How does one find their own path? I offered some tools in that one. And we all know the right tools make any job much easier.  And these will.  I promise.
It’s good to be home.
See you soon.
Anne Wondra, Soul (happy-life) coach
Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

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