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They’re part of the same thing, you know. Join me tonight.
Contrast brings clarity… and some brings significant material for re-story-ing what this life is about; what we know, believe, and want to know about the afterlife; and really who we are and why we’re here.  …Those basic quests and talks that it’s not politically correct to have in too many public places.
A usual might be a church…except you know their party-line words and phrases… and those really aren’t enough anymore.  They aren’t talking about what you really need to talk about… j0433127
Many now days also consider themselves spiritual, rather than party-line religious.  Because one grew up catholic means only that they share a common catholic imagination; a framework of angels and saints, heaven, purgatory, popes and patriarchy, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.
Good stuff, and not enough for places life takes one.  Another sacred space, peace-filling place is needed, and a soul coach…  THIS is here…  ???????
Join me TONIGHT for an evening about the Afterlife and the Meaning of Life, here at Kindred Spirit Center.  Not tonight? Make it another time.  – Anne

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