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You are not meant to bear that which you find unpleasant, Anne, you are meant to change it. That’s why you feel it. Your every twitch of pain and malaise invites you to wake up, pushing you to seek grander truths that will reveal a bigger reality and a more magnificent you, ever closer to an awareness of your true place within reality creation – as a Creator.
The Universe

… and I created WonderSpirit … because Spirit is feminine and divine womanhood, and religion had no clue or interest in seeing, acknowledging, or empowering Her–and my soul needed Her to grow fully into womanhood, to become and follow a divine calling….
And black cats, animals in general, share my life … I am a compassionate soul to those with fur and wings, feathers and fins.  And land and trees, water, air and flowers.  These wonder-filled beings and elements, that man’s religion says are to be dominated; and woman’s spirit says are to be loved and honored and cherished.  Hardware versus Software.  One is deemed valuable; the other, disposable or inconsequential.   And yet, without fluid (soft stuff), cars and bulldozers are powerless paperweights; without fluids–air, water, blood (soft stuff) nothing lives.  Sacred Feminine Spirit, divine spirited fluid and flowing, empowered, inspired womanhood, re-story-ing everything…or nothing lives…or maybe it’s a piece of our soul that dies….
Red Hot and Holy woman-spirit winter reading groups begin Monday, November 24, at Kindred Spirit Center and via web conference.  Begin reading here.
Saw both an eagle and a swan this morning… Powerful spirit messengers….  and empowering happenings this Hallowed ‘holy’ week…
Blessings – Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit
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