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I started using music years ago.  It began with ‘praying on the dance floor,’ or maybe when I became aware of lyrics019_15A and let them speak to me… It inspired me, taught me, soothed me, connected somewhere deeper that needed expressing at the time.  I still bring music to  work, and it still speaks to me.
One of my favorite soul blessing CD’s — especially for a new moon– is Lisa Thiel’s Invocation of the Graces.
Light a candle in a quiet sacred space, breathe deeply and slowly, and call in these beautiful graces of light.  Listen, enter in as it gently repeats three times, and soak in grace-filled blessing.  We have let go of much these past weeks; and more is coming.  We are changing, and one change flows into another.  So we allow in this blessing and set intentions in the quiet of our heart–desires and delights and self-commitments moving forward.
Moon energies move tides; subtle, strong energies move within us also.
Seeds planted long ago guarantee we will evolve as beings.  In every acorn is a blueprint of another oak tree; in every caterpillar is the magical blueprint of divinely designed transforming into a butterfly–not an oak tree, or an eagle, or a daisy.
In growing, there is always some letting go and leaving behind elements that no longer apply…like those cute little-girl clothes you once wore.  They fit and were wonderful for you to wear, experience, and appreciate then; and now, others take their place–because you’ve grown.
Our biggest lesson during these transforming times is to remember and trust that magical, divinely designed blueprint of our self-knowing and self-being that we were born with.  It’s uniquely ours, this journey and experience of traveling here … No two are alike.
Breathe, be … and take in another blessing song or two, Seafarer’s Prayer.  And Moon Mother.  Savor, listen, close your eyes, and feel.
We are re-story-ing our spirituality, our life-visions, our self-being. …  We are blessed and blessings, and following divinely designed courses.   Much love.  – Anne

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