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Poem 'The Invitation' from Oriah Mountain Dreamer

2015 is a momentous year.  Another wave of Boomers, the generation that rocked the boat, will turn sixty…my graduating class among them…  An MPTV program I happened to tune into this morning reminded me of who we are, who I am–and all of my classmates and our great generation–what we are passionate about, that we are Empowered, Engaged, certainly Not Done Yet, and that we are now living in the most magical times this world has ever seen…  Take a listen:
America’s Generations with Chuck Underwood – video
This is powerful, Inspiring… and significant…to be reminded and resonate from places in our deepest being…  I have long been in tune to something about my generation’s work:
Christmas Eve 2001, a packed church and captive audience, and he begins his sermon…
He says it all started in the 60’s—this “me” attitude and self-centeredness—as he called it. He mentioned the sexual revolution and a few other things I don’t recall right now. His perception was that all of the changes of the 60’s and those after were detrimental to the soul. I disagree. I was there too. (Christmas Eve 2001) …
As I listened this morning, I remembered again who I am, my passions, and how much I care about making a difference–as do all of my classmates and those of my entire generation!  And again, I am writing, just as I did in the wake of Christmas Eve 2001:
.… So where was Spirituality in all of this? I saw Spirit present in all those who wrestled with what they’d been taught, and made new choices based on their own experiences and interpretations of what was just and right. On this Christmas Eve 2001, I take much for granted based on the choices and courageous actions of those before me. I have colleagues from many nations, and the color of one’s skin or their gender is never a consideration in determining their qualifications for a job or their pay scale. Spirit was in the souls of those whose determination made positive change happen. Spirituality, among other things, is about fully utilizing your mind, body, and Spirit, and living responsibly and justly…. (Christmas Eve 2001)
I wrote then, and I write now–I’m a writer and teacher and cultural creative–in the company of others compelled this way…
And in this amazingly connected, visual, technology- and spirit-activated world, words reach farther and further to influence and connect those they are destined to inspire, touch, empower, co-create with, and bless….
Every one of us is so much more available to one other than we have ever been…  Truly magical when we think back to all we have witnessed in communicating, connecting, and capability advancements…  We are now empowered and power-full to act on those causes of our hearts, to fully dance with who we are and our truest soul callings and desires to make a difference  …
And if the social changes of the 60’s and decades thereafter were labors of a nation coming of age, then we’re not done yet. Adulthood holds its own opportunities, insights, challenges, and changes. Let the Spirit dance among us, and let us take up our dance. (Christmas Eve 2001)
Not Done Yet!
We are not done yet…. I am not done yet.   There’s an energy of grace flowing through 2015.  I can feel it.  You too?
If we are alive… if our passion and soul have been activated somehow; if we feel some different energy coursing through us, we are ready–because now is our time…
It’s not about waiting anymore… or being old enough, smart enough, good enough.  We are enough–and not alone.  And our life’s work, purpose, passions, and causes of our hearts–are calling us out to dance!
I Hope You Dance
An Invitation…theinvitation1
to my classmates and other not-done-yet kindred spirits, soul-called life-dancing cultural-creative spirits …like me, let’s meet for coffee and a movie … this one … and then let’s talk to each other and allow wonderful magical happenings to unfold …
It’s time  …  Are you in?  Be inspired…
More soon…
Love and blessing –  Anne

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