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It’s crackling in the air now, already…  I feel it.  … an exciting, anticipating, anything-is-possible kind of energy.  Can you feel it too?
I’ve heard my more-sensitive intuitive friends say that new energy is pouring into this earth; that human beings are evolving as a species, and that we are each getting additional new guides on our spiritual support team–to assist us and help us adjust. !
There have been incredible, significant, personal upheavals in the past few years–causing each of us to re-story something we’ve always thought was solid.
Everyone I can think of… We each got ‘something big’ to shake up our world, to shift and change our view points, to pierce a piece of our heart.
All of these are the Soul’s way of getting our attention, opening us to understand deeper, grow beyond our beliefs, heal into our greater being-ness, and transform into the shining light our Soul–in this body–came here to be and express itself as…
Everything is used, needed, re-story-ed, in line with our Soul’s intent, divine blueprint, and powerful transforming abilities.  We are divine co-creators.
The Soul’s job IS to wake itself up — no matter what it takes.  (And our Soul knows us very well…)
Now, appreciate and welcome that new, added, spiritual support we’re being given and who are already coming into place…
Nice to know we are not in this alone….  That energy is pulsing through — of thousands of angel wings and guides and spirits to assist us.
Ask, allow, listen, pay attention to ‘divine winks,’ play with possibilities that delight your heart and soul.
… Like the possibility that loved ones who seemed to have left us way before their time, really left because they’re now among the added spirit beings ‘on our team’ … ready and available to assist us.  … and of course, with more magical and amazing abilities than before!
Love energy never dies or is destroyed; it only changes form… a universal law of science and spirit.
When familiar Love energy is close, yes, it may trigger tears–of recognition, joy, gratitude, and a bitter-sweetness…
And that Love-being spirit is also present to open a dialog with, share your thoughts, ask for insight, clues, or whatever magic they can work from where they are now.  They still love you and know you very well…
What if relationships don’t end at death, but rather, live on until their ultimate soul desires are accomplished?…  (Death by Roses, by Vivian Probst is an entertaining kind of ‘afterlife’ read…)
Want more?  Tap into  Holidays, Hearstrings, and Angels in the Afterlife, or  2015 Creative Goddess Planning Days, and follow whatever you are drawn to.  We are not alone … feel it, soak in this new grace energy.

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