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They kept talking… I only heard that line: I’m not any religion anymore. … and mine to write about.
Many more are spiritual seekers today, leaving religions behind.  Our experiences, expanding awareness, and the deeper questions we are seeking answers to lead us to paths and places outside church teachings.
Perhaps the biggest shift is consciousness, Mindfulness, experiencing moments, and knowing that everything is a sacred part of our spiritual learning, growing, and evolving, and everything is connected.
For many, religions left behind are not so much discarded and tossed, as they are added on to and understood differently…as life-experienced adults.  I grew up Catholic.  And that Catholic imagination of angels and saints, a spirit world, and all those Baltimore Catechism questions and answers I memorized, gave me a starting place, a perfect-for-me starting place that I added on to. …  like that Divine feminine image and likeness I was created in–She is a Goddess, every curve, every emotion, every monthly cycle, every breath, every intuitive knowing, every intimate loving… and all that is womanly spiritual, feminine, sacred, powerful, blessed, good, holy.  2013-07-12 12.35.56
That church had to remain who it was; I couldn’t change its fundamentals–even as a staff person.  I had to grow into who I’m here to be…
It was and is a deeply spiritual path.  I stayed as long as I could, and then something more powerful sent me out–like giving birth.  There is time a baby outgrows a womb… and Mother Nature has a process of pushing that baby out into the world, to continue growing.  And growing and navigating life is as spiritual as it gets in my world…
I was an early feminine Spiritual Seeker, and ended up with a Seeker’s Toolkit to make leaving religion, and personal path-finding (or trail blazing), simpler for others.  Always had an independent streak, too; one of those things I love about being me and this spiritual seeker work… I’m different.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different.  – Coco Chanel

growing your happiness, joy and freedom…your knowing who you are…living your calling, life work and sacred path you choose.  Spirit and meaning are still core needs, elements, drivers, power sources within.    Let’s help you connect them and build bridges
Are you a Spiritual Seeker?  These are some behavior patterns and characteristics of The Spiritual Seeker archetype from author Caroline Myss.

  • You feel unsatisfied and are seeking more from your life.

  • You long for happiness and health.

  • You are looking for a new life direction.

  • You are searching for insight into who you really are.

  • You are intent on finding the meaning and purpose of your life.

  • You are curious about other dimensions beyond the material plane.

  • You frequently read about spiritual or philosophical ideas.

  • You attend workshops or seminars on consciousness or spiritual topics.

  • You have begun some form of spiritual practice, or you are considering it.

-Caroline Myss, Archetypes: Who Are You?

If you answered yes, welcome!  Self-starting or want-to-talk-more-about-this-stuff …
Start here or here or let’s meet.
Have a beautiful day!  – Anne

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