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There are some books that deserve to be not just read, but studied and applied. – Janet Golownia

I’ve got two coming up — books and groups — with a gorgeous lake view and spa get-away space.
Big Magic – Mondays in April and May  (Spring info / PDF)
Making Life Easy – Tuesdays in June and July (Summer info / PDF)
When someone studies a book, it is a course of learning; actively engaged in, drawn to, compelled perhaps, and connected to one’s personal maturing and growth.  There’s something they desire from inside.
Of course, one can read and study alone.  Some books compel conversation.
And some students will always prefer idea exchanges, experiences, stories, relationships that happen in company with others.
From the days of Socrates and Plato, interactive dialogues have been found to expand one’s knowledge and clarify one’s thoughts. To hold a conversation with another engages a powerful process of learning and self-discovery–very different, more expansive and pragmatic, thought-provoking and connective, than solitary reading.
Many words describe those who create space for gathering and learning and growing like this: teacher, coach, mentor, guide, instructor, professor, leader, wise woman, elder, educator, minister, counselor, tutor, facilitator … There’s value in here, and not always easily measured.

A GOOD COACH can change a game, a GREAT COACH can change a life. (sign in studio)

An investment honors both ourselves and others.  There is a spiritual law of abundance that requires exchanges in order for more to grow, flow, and increase.
Each of us personally holds our own wisdom about what is worthwhile for us to invest ourselves in, and what isn’t.  Timing, circumstances, logistics, interests… all good and valid elements.
What’s important, from a spiritual and abundance standpoint, regardless, is to feel good about positive investing and exchanges, because this is how we individually, with every single purchase, consciously direct economic flow in service to a greater purpose, to uplift and support what feeds our heart and soul.
Worth-it Books in upcoming Groups
Big Magic – Mondays in April and May  (Spring info / PDF)
Making Life Easy – Tuesdays in June and July (Summer info / PDF)
These beautiful lounge experiences include access to LakeView Spa amenities at Bella Vista Suites in Lake Geneva, WI.