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Have you ever loved a pet?  Lost one?  Wanted answers to questions or closure?  Maybe you have one with behavior quirks–especially if they’re adopted from a shelter or their background is a mystery.  Have you ever wondered what your animal family member wants or knows?  I have.  And I’ve utilized animal communicators to get answers, closure, guidance, peace.
Lois Reetz is a friend and one exceptionally gifted animal communicator, and I’m excited and honored to host her for a ‘Gallery’ Evening next Tuesday, August 23, 7 – 9 pm.
I met Lois several years ago when our cat Mo was exhibiting some behavior issues.   Since that session with her, our Mo is a much different, more relaxed and friendly cat.  Lois told us Mo would be noticeably different when we got home–and she was.  Lois is a gifted energy worker and Native American Shaman, in addition to her animal communicating.  Whatever and however she did her remote communicating and energy work on Mo, it was remarkable.  More recently, we consulted her again when our other sweet cat’s health was changing, as he made his transition, and after.  It’s so helpful to find out what’s going on from their perspective, and what they want us to know.
How ‘Gallery’ Events Work 
There are 12 seats available.  Everyone is present for the messages that come through.  Bring a picture of your pet or animal friend you want to communicate with.  Cost is $25 and includes a 20-percent donation to the Elmbrook Humane SocietyRSVPs are Recommended.  (Call or message me and I’ll get you on the list.)
These are especially healing and insightful evenings.
Blessings and much love.  – Anne

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