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In the eyes of feminine spirituality, creation spirituality, and the path of original blessing laced through scripture, the Sacred and what’s Spiritual is not confined to a day of the week or a particular hour.  What’s Spiritual and Sacred are integrated into our lives, our world, our being who we are on this earth. Our lens determines what we see.
This week, my Inner Wisdom Wellness Wednesday class* will uplift and elevate everyday acts as Sacred and Spiritual.  Chances are, you’re already practicing many of these.  As our bodies require daily nourishment, our souls delight in it also.
Life can be traveled as one sleep-walking and leashed, or as one free-spirited and aware, a ‘noticer’ of more than meets the eye.  I’m excited to be one of the latter.
Meet me Wednesday in Wauwatosa or schedule a private session in my Waukesha center.
Enjoy your week!  It’s going to be colorful…in all kinds of wonderful ways.  – Anne 🙂
*Inner Wisdom Wellness is one of three Wellness Wednesday Women’s classes held every Wednesday in Wauwatosa.  More @WellnessWednesdayWomen on Facebook.

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