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It’s raining today as I think about blooming and growing and what inner wisdom I’ll be leading and sharing with Wellness Wednesday Women next week, this month.  This is my prep time; and Mother Nature is providing perfect inspiration…a rainy day.
Rain, water, activates seeds and plants so they can grow and bloom.
Water gently soaks into the earth, soil;
Softens seed shells and the ground to make it possible for growing.  SHELL-Breaking and Sprouting up through the ground…must come before Blooming.  I see that for us as living beings, too.
Some complain about rain, clouds, a gloomy day.
I note that I’m given what I need to notice in this moment.
Perhaps they have never taken notice of rain’s Natural permission to be in-doors, to slow their pace, to observe in quiet.  Perhaps they have not had their hands in soil, planted seeds in a cup–or a garden or a field or forest–and seen the magic of something growing from those seeds.
It’s a Natural wonder repeated so often, abundantly, and magnificently, we can take it for granted…. unless our livelihood depends on it.
Maybe all of our livelihoods do depend on it, this Natural Wonder — of seed shells and earth softened by water, breaking through to grow and bloom — repeating itself.

If your soul is asking for growth then you should do it.  If you don’t grow, you are slowly dying.  (Fabienne Fredrickson, Embrace Your Magnificence)

WRITING and VOICING our thoughts are doorways to growing.
Take time on this rainy day to write about your growing this season.

  • What Seed Shells are being softened? and breaking open?
  • Water activates softening in Nature; how about in you?  Who or what is activating changes, growing something alive in you–or through you–that wants to bloom?

VOICING your thoughts, your deeper-wisdom, in a safe, supporting, spirit-enriching space, will be our Wednesday inner-wisdom wellness growing this month.
Whatever comes up for YOU, is exactly what you are being given to NOTICE in this moment…  This is Growing-Your-Life season–for each one of us.
Blessings and much love.  – Anne
PS  Some additional April Awakenings, private lessons / classes / growing-a-life support this month.

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