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I call it heartbreaking.  Road construction that takes down trees like they don’t matter.  Such non-respect for Nature’s beauty, or the wildlife nesting in them this time of year.
I’m not good with destruction, especially when it seems wasteful and harms innocent life.  There are plenty existing roads and highways that could use repair and resurfacing; we don’t need to ‘widen’ any that require destroying beautiful trees to do it.
Land development for urban spread?  Not a fan there either.  Do we need more housing?  Shopping centers?  Lot of empty buildings already.  Lot of places in need of rehab and re-purposing.
It’s a farmer’s daughter, sensitive heart, tree-lover thing.  No apologies; only a perspective that matters to me.  Some of us hear the tears of trees, and thank them for their being here every day; their beauty, changing with the seasons, strength, steadfastness.
I can’t change progress; I can only change roads I choose.  I feel too much to drive the ones I did before.
Appreciating trees, blessing beauty still here.  – Anne

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