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More than small talk.  Join us.
I’m reading Making Life Easy and The Soul of Money for upcoming classes I’m leading this summer.  Both books are visionary and pragmatic, written by women of well-seasoned depth, who are Cultural Creative goddesses, speaking to conversations at the heart and soul of meaning to our lives.
As one of these cultural creative goddesses, I love opening gatherings (gigs) that allow us to connect with one another more deeply and keep on creating and influencing.
This world is a changing and ladies, we are direct change agents; we have influence; and that influence is a considerable resource and asset of great value.  At home, for example, we direct the flow of funds and support in our choice of brands we buy in a grocery store, furniture that comes into our home–or doesn’t–because of our influence.  Take notice, also, that when you have a preference and voice it, chances are good that your preference is followed.
In every decision and conversation, and especially in where and how we direct money, time, thoughts, heart and soul, and personal stands about something, we are making a difference, directing the flow of how life goes for us.
We’re fully ALIVE when we act and live and speak from the best of who we are!  There’s an energy coursing through our veins that feels good.
Conversely, there is dis-ease; there is a toll that gets heavier and heavier to carry, when we go against or silence our preferences, or take action that is not in alignment with our soul.Making Life Easy
BEACH GROUP begins next Monday, June 12.  We meet 6 times and will be reading and growing from MAKING LIFE EASY by Christiane Northrup, M.D.  Do we dare maximize our Life AND make it EASY (Energizes And Satisfies You)?!  This is a woman who has fully come into her own, speaking what she’s long wanted to speak.  And there are more like her, maybe even YOU!  Join me in these wonderfully empowering Living-Out-Loud uplifting conversations–and meet a new like-minded friend or two maybe.
SOUL ECONOMICS is a two-week Tuesday class I’ll be leading June 19 and 26, as part of Elm Grove School of Lifelong Learning.  Follow their link to download their catalog and register.
Soul of Money-TwistOur conversations around money often have uncomfortable energy attached to them.
What and who do we value to exchange money for?  What and who do we not value enough to pay money for?
We love the work FREE.  When is FREE fair?  When is it not?
Are the answers the same when you’re a woman?  a man?  person of a certain age?  circumstances?
Those are topics in the two-week class I’ll be leading in Elm Grove.
A read I’d recommend–for yourself or a later, deeper conversation–is The SOUL OF MONEY, by Lynne Twist.
She speaks of changing conversations to the value of resources everyone contributes that open more expansive, powerful, and positive opportunities.  Her book opens ‘what’s possible’ dramatically by changing the focus of conversations.
Hope you’ll join in.  Beaches, books, walks, long talks…. Living …
Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit

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