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And that hugely impacts our experience and worldview of life.
Do you believe in happiness?  that it comes easy? or do you thrive on drama?
Are you worthy and worthwhile already?  Or is there something you have to DO or Achieve first?
Do you look for and expect the worst? Or know that all is well and will be okay–even though you don’t have any idea how?
Do you believe you create your happiness?  or that somebody else does?
These are powerful, important choices. 
We choose our filters–who and what we read, listen too, feed our emotions and energy and spirit with–and what we choose to believe.
And some–faced with conflicting experiences, teachers, and beliefs–don’t know how to choose.  I have a  tool that’ll set your spirit free.  Clarity and Freedom are powerful ally resources.
What we choose to believe can change over time.  What matters is that you’re in alignment with you and your soul.  Work with this tool and me for a month and see.

WONDER Spirituality
Grow your greatness. Love your soul. Live your life.

Change your lens; change your life.  Make a date with a muse and see.

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