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Two books fall in my hands, arriving in precise perfect timing.  And elements in them complement one another.  The Women’s Wheel of Life, co-written by two midwives, and The Trust Frequency, co-written by two cultural creatives arrived together and indeed enhance each other’s range.  Today I’m sharing a selection from The Women’s Wheel of Life.
The authors’ wheel holds thirteen archetypes: twelve around the wheel, and one–The Transformer–in the center.  We’re feeling a lot of transformer energy lately, not-in-control changing, and many do not know how to handle it well.  These authors’ words are insightful and pragmatic.

The Transformer

… The keys to transformation reside within us.  We can open our minds to the possibility of dramatic shifts in life, but our hearts tell us when it is time.  We may not understand the mystery of transformation, but we can recognize the signs that it is impending–feelings of boredom, detachment from creativity or sense of direction, the dead-end malaise that trumpets the need for something new.  And when the window of change begins to open, we feel it as a literal opening in the heart, accompanied by rapid-fire imperatives to act.
Cultural constraints may impede the process.  Industrialized nations are addicted to change but terrified of transformation. …
At the heart of transformation is the paradox of surrender and control. … One can dictate change, but not transformation.  Transformation is beyond our control, and is best met with an attitude of surrender.  Control-based change is isolating and fragmenting, but transformation integrates and moves us to a state of awareness that is universal, timeless, and potentially ecstatic. …
Consider transformation in the world of nature.  The snake periodically sheds its skin: an act that cannot be commanded but is inevitable nonetheless.  Transformation of caterpillar to butterfly is even more dramatic and likewise incontrovertible, encoded in the DNA.  As part of the natural world, we women also experience certain biological changes that transform us whether we like it or not …  (Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard, The Women’s Wheel of Life)

There’s more.  Childbirth is transformation.  And these midwife authors share exquisitely.

Fear is a messenger.

…  The process of becoming afraid is really that of discovering that our experiences and beliefs cannot decode a new situation–our reality is shifting, and we don’t know what to do.  Fear is the harbinger of growth, heralding the need to step outside the confines of what we have known to be true.  … (Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard, The Women’s Wheel of Life)

The Women’s Wheel of Life is deep into the spiritual understanding of women and the earthiness of this life.  And alongside that is The Trust Frequency putting forward ten assumptions to consider in helping us navigate more easily our shifting paradigms and transformation.
Amazing times we’re in.  What if we choose to trust Nature’s wisdom?
A little phrase I remind myself of when things don’t go as I expected or preferred is:  “The Universe does thing FOR me, not to me.”
Try it.  See if it works for you.  See if it feels better… and that maybe things turn out even better than expected for you. Or try something else.  Feeding our brain alternative messages has a direct influence on our energy.
Blessings and happiness.  – Anne

The antidote for fear is courage, which springs from the heart.  (The Women’s Wheel of Life)


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