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Doubted yourself?  Wanted something to work out for you?
Chances are if you’re alive and conscious, you’ve felt like a failure already.
Maybe you’re still in that mucky place and would love to figure out how to get out of it.

 I can help with that.

Step 1:  Talk to somebody.
I’ve been there, in that mucky place.  And I know that introverts are prone to alone time.  And while alone time has many outstanding benefits, one of its not-so-outstanding side-affects is sometimes stinking thinking.   Perspective comes from conversation with another person.  It could be with me.
Step 2:  What triggered it?
You’ve got a partner in this, and already you’re feeling bolstered.  Settle in with some tea and let’s have a conversation and hold space for unpacking those feelings that are getting in the way of your usual confidence.
Some common triggers of feeling like a failure include:

  • Tax season.  An annual ritual of focus on numbers and money and measures of success–or not–in our economy and culture.  Brilliantly gifted artists, writers, healers, sensitive angels, music makers, compassionate caring service providers, helpers and caregivers serve this world and have no idea how they get paid in money for those services.
  • Comparing ourselves to another, and feeling less-than.  Comparing ourselves is never a good idea.  Our lives and work and individual paths and purposes are dynamic and always personal to us.
  • Shame and circumstances.  We screw up; do some thing we’d like to re-wind and redo.
  • Some area in our life is not working.  Relationship, work, livelihood, wardrobe, spirituality, friends, living space.

It’s going to get better.  Nature’s way.  I promise.
Step 3: Powerfully Positive Playground.
We’ve covered a lot together by this time.  And in the process, our space and conversation and connecting have combined into a powerfully positive playground of pragmatic synergy.  We’ve made some aha’s, shared some secrets, spoken of new ideas, felt inspired to make a call or try a new approach; we’ve re-storied and written what we need to hear and remember from this moment forward; and we’ve gathered a care package of resources, music, food to feed our spirit and spark our light.
These are elements of divine sweet sisterhood in service to one another.  Magic, mystery, alchemy; getting those feel-better juices flowing again.
People need people; ones who are kind and uplifting to a spirit that’s hurting, to a soul who has temporarily lost her perspective of her worth and reason for being.  When this is where you are, and what your spirit needs, reach out.
It can be easy and refreshing.  I play on Facebook.  Message me there.  Or use this contact form. Get out of that muck and into some better light, my friend.

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