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Sun shining through windows.  Sweet Monday mornings … a brand new week.
I’m inspired and excited to offer Monday Morning Light conference calls, beginning Monday, April 2, at 11 am Eastern (Your Time Here).
I LOVE sun shining in my space and face; it energized me to create, to write, to soak in grace and receive ideas that flow in; and I want to hold space for Monday Mornings we look forward to; a time when our souls, self-esteem, and social lives are fed, and our creative juices inspired.
Many introspective life travelers are alone a lot; it’s our nature and that of the work we do in this world.
And yet, there’s a part of us that craves a soul-feeding support system and structure of connecting with others like us.  I hold this hour Monday mornings for all of us.

4 Months with Fire-Starter Soul-Feeding Inspiration

Purchase the book Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte. Read one chapter a week. Fire Starter Sessions-LaPorte
Join me for an hour online;  conference call-in every Monday 11:00 am- 12:00 pm EST| (Your Time Here)
We’re Starting April 2, 2018; and we’ll life-travel together for 4 months / 16 weeks  |  April 2 through July 2018.
As more light enters our days, we are lighting up also.

I love her mix of soul, creativity, success, and her energizing, uplifting style.  She’s different, quirky… and has made enough mistakes and been seasoned by them.  Sound like anybody else you know? … like YOU, and Me.

My version of holistic includes style. – Danielle LaPorte

These Monday Morning Lights

you signed up to do the danceare about activating our spirit, reclaiming our time, our lives, our reason for being, our self-esteem; shining our Light… and being that human soul-feeding support system and structure our creative spirits crave.


$49 a month; or $149 for a commitment to all 4 months of spirit-lifting Monday morning lights.  Purchase now.
Monday Morning Light is about you, me, each of us, owning and growing our light; living, creating, honoring our divine dance we said yes to here.

About Me – Why I Offer these:

I don’t think I came to this earth to be invisible. I think I came to be a light; to be a comfort, a companion, a guide, a soul whisperer; one who empowers the spirit of joy and vibrance, self-awareness and awakening, and warms and reassures with words. I write because the words flow…and because the words I write are ones only I can say, ones that I need to write because they are part of my becoming, living who I am here to be…or maybe the words I write are the exact words someone reading this or that post needs… I call it following the muse….being me.  I love cats, art, coffee, Michael, and beaches…not necessarily in that order; and I’m a vegetarian and humane society volunteer.  You’ll find more and some free stuff at

Join me for Monday Morning Lights, or hire with me privately, and feed your soul and self-esteem what it needs in this amazing life we’re into.  Enroll / Purchase Now.
You KNOW you’re going to LOVE this!

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