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Your Story is Your Power: Free Your Feminine Voice,

I wasn’t intending to buy anything when I walked in.  In fact, it was an impromptu side-trip that brought me to Cedarburg that day…always a good place for a muse to play.  This sweet store is one of my regular stops there.
Looking around I note pieces I already own, and other treasures I have no place for now.  Meandering back, I find the books, and you know I have to look…

Your Story is Your Power

Your Story is Your Power: Free Your Feminine Voice,
This one in full-color kept beckoning: Your Story is Your Power

Feminine Power isn’t something we go out and acquire; it’s already within us.  It’s something that we become willing to experience.  Something to admit we have. (Marianne Williamson, Spiritual Teacher)

Feminine spirit and soul; voice-finding; noting, recording, writing, and owning our selves and our stories; empowering inner light to shine freely.  And the feel of this book, and the art, and the creative playfulness and power of it…  Oh yes, I was drawn and it came home with me.

The Sophia Code

The Sophia code: A Living Transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe,
A few days later came this one, The Sophia Code, introduced by way of lengthy text message, inviting me a group that would be reading from this book each week.
Because I know the messenger so well and because we happened to be talking Sunday night, I became interested.  The group was in two days.  Quickest way to get a copy was Kindle download.  So I made the contacts to get in on the group and got the book…e version…and started reading.
Interesting how books dovetail and prepare us, compliment what we’re reading and experiencing elsewhere, and fit where we are heading.
If Your Story is Your Power is an introductory course; The Sophia Code is a spiritual super power energizer and activator.  Ascended Masters introduced in The Sophia Code are all female Ascended Masters …the other half our spiritual heritage as it’s coming forward through us, now.


Redvelations newly released by Sera Beak is on my radar too.  I have her two earlier books, The Red Book and Red Hot and Holy in my library, so I know her work and how direct and deep she is.  Perhaps soon; not yet, though.
For now, feeling good to be reading these, and appreciate perfect timing of their showing up.

Summer Book Reading Group

What are you reading and what books are showing up, beckoning?
Conversations you’d like to start?  Or maybe get in on–with other uplifting evolving earth goddess wise women?
Beach Group is my Summer Spirit Women’s Group, in-person weekly book-talk meet-ups with a beach view–and coffee!–Tuesday mornings.
NOTE – IMPORTANT:  Summer Beach Group book you’re reading can certainly be Light Fun Fiction too!  Somehow I’ve found that conversations and topics in these go where they go — and I love that about them and the women who gather!
Please join me.  Details to print and share.
Plan B – Monday Morning CALLS.  These follow a book called The Fire Starter Sessions.  You can start anywhere.  Dates and topics.  Feminine soul entrepreneurs delight in and appreciate this book and author.  I’m enjoying it too!
Plan CBook a Starter Session with me and let’s go from there.  What are you reading that inspiring you to grow, to question, to create change, to find your voice, shine your light, come out as you?

…. this is not some ordinary lifetime to play small.  We came here to embody our magnificence…. (The Sophia Code)

Onward to Summer —  Spirit, beaches, books, walks, and long talks … becoming openly freer to be become ourselves. … all of us.

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