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… or something when a beautiful old tree and part of our lives has to come down.
I love trees; willows especially, and redwoods and majestic old oaks and any that draw me to their wonder and awe.  I feel something, a sadness, whenever trees like this are taken down.
I think of birds and squirrels and all who make their nests and raise their young in her branches, and hope all are safely vacated, that someone cares enough to check and make sure, before trees are taken down.
I sense Spirit in all beings and things…trees, animals… music… us

Our internet is such a wonderful thing; intuition also.
There are others who feel this spirit sense; and I’m not the only one who’s thought of tree blessings and ceremonies.
In Japan, trees are honored and great trees are blessed before being cut down.  This one was a formal, public ceremony… And much more public trees.
And these emotions and energy of and around trees, Margaret Bates describes it in Sacred is a Tree.  Her entries of prose and poetry lines across cultures and traditions is food for the spirit and the curious brain as well.  You’ll recognize some of them.

Between a human and a tree is the breath.

We are each other’s air.  (Margaret Bates)

My tree honoring and blessing will be simpler.  Time with the tree, connecting and remembering and appreciating her presence — and thanking her for the playground she provided for squirrel gymnastics in our yard and outside our window view.  She’ll be missed.  And more light will be shining through that window.
A new view, new perspective, opening space …

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