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Wait or live it now?

Clearing what’s done.

Yesterday was about cleaning out old files.  It took awhile and felt good.
It touched my heart to see and remember clients past…and to release and bless each one.  — and delightfully giggle when I also remembered I had access to Mom’s burning barrel today!  Love love love!
Up in sacred fire and smoke … Releasing everything that was completed, to love and light on this full moon day.
Release and refresh… Lessons learned… Fresh perspectives… Opening space for New directions to arrive

Your Life is Now

A therapist works with people who keep finding reasons why they CAN’T do something about their lives.  A coach works with active players in the game of creating and living and improving their life.
I’m one of those coaches–and that excites me!  Life coach, spiritual director, teacher–or a professional muse, if that sounds more playful and easier for you.
My role is to support, empower, activate, free, and celebrate every person’s greatness and growing; not to keep someone dependent.
In my file-clearing process yesterday, many were single appointments, others were short terms–a few months or so.  Some were longer term, over several years, monthly check-ins to witness their life happening and self-evolving.
I also learned that my style preference has become simpler.  You can fill out long forms if you want to.  I’m liking my 3-sheets-of-paper process these days.
See you at a Starter Session soon.

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