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Our divine being-ness.

We are spiritual beings living a human experience.  We are creators.
Full authority has been given to you…on earth and in heaven.

Ask and it is given.
Divinity may be greater than I am, but certainly not less.

WORDS familiar and powerful.  We’ve heard them, seen them.  They come from authorities we trust.

IN PAST TIMES, religion and society have emphasized our humanity–our body, physicality, desires, and life activity–as flawed, sinful, in need of someone else’s higher authority, control, approval, or permission.

AN EMERGING SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS is that of our Divine Soul and Spirit–and what that asks of us, with all its freedom, responsibility, power, authority, messiness, and choices to live in partnership with our Divine essence and callings, or not.  Choice always remains ours.

These are conversations I want to open and inspire.

Our soul didn’t come here to hide or stay small forever.

THIRTY YEARS AGO, I graduated with a degree in religions and spiritual studies; I was a student of universal laws and life wisdom long before then.  Vatican II and the beginnings of women stepping onto parish altars and into ministry were visceral cultural shifts in my grade school days; friends of other religions and learning to bridge understandings, and becoming a seeker of universal wisdom began in junior high.  In college coursework, I listened and heard and questioned as a woman of spirit at thirty. It was a calling.  Justice, equality, fairness mattered; and daily experience that a woman’s perspectives and processing–and spirituality–was very different than a guy’s, mattered too. …seven men in a household of ten is not a coincidence; it’s a life school of Divine design with a sense of humor. 

I WAS RECENTLY REMINDED of my different perspective and work here:  He said it started in the 60’s… I was there too. … Christmas Eve 2001

Here’s to feeding and fueling our happy healthy conscious creative spirited souls, that are ready to play full-storied life times of light and soul.


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