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Planners are so Personal and pre-planner 2019 (cont’d). As a year winds down, another calls us to a fresh start and life dreams ahead.

Dayna Lee Planner Collection

Pre-planner heart-centered 2019

Journal notes that lead me forward:

Who do I want to be in 2019?

How do I want to feel?

What makes my heart sing? When does my heart sing? What am I doing? Where am I? Who am I with?

What changed in me, or changed me, in 2018?

Lessons learned?

Personal evolving, Self-knowing and Self-loving; Deepening?

Who came into importance–or became less important–in my life in 2018?

Who and what was released or changed direction, became less present, or important?

Are there situations, circumstances, relationships, regrets I need to write about, process, grieve, release, make peace with?

I cannot change another; that is not my role or work. My work and role is being who I am, and evolving, creating, listening; soul work of my lifetime. Others play roles in my evolving; I play roles in theirs…divine agreements. I know this.

Anne Wondra

I take note of learnings, loves, and losses–evolvings and knowings of 2018–and bless them, celebrate them, and release anything–baggage, weighty emotions–extra weights on my heart–that don’t need to be carried anymore.

It’s soul work, and I find a setting and safe space to be with and do what my spirit asks of me. Sometimes others help.

What else needs to be noted, remembered, cleared, celebrated about 2018?

Inviting New Year Wishes and Dreams

Out of our past, we know and create our preferences.

Anne Wondra

In this last month of review and reflecting, I started lists of New Year wishes.

I like lists to help sort and organize, often category headings and details to be noted. Later, dates and notes get transferred to and fleshed out in my weekly planner. My list topics:

Important dates and how I’d like to, desire, or wish to honor them: Anniversaries and birthdays, including mine.

Interests in Learning, Study, Travel that have surfaced.

People, relationships to nurture.

Self-care and Soul practices that fuel and nourish body mind and spirit. Quiet coffee creative time, listening and writing, meditation, walks, food as fuel and medicine, laughter and love as healing energy.

Projects to Play With – Follow my Heart’s desires and ideas to whatever delights, feels like fun, wonderful, and energizing. Keeping my heart happy is also keeping my heart–and all of me–healthy.

Ideas are the wings that change my awareness and give me something to look forward to.

Ella Wilson, Bella Grace | The Cozy Issue, p 23

Somewhere in tonight and tomorrow quiet moments, I’ll add these dates in my new planner. Other list items are dreams and wishes yet to materialize; and how is a mystery and part of this divine light partnering I’m in. A divine dance I said yes to a long time ago.

Happy New Year of blessing and joy and heart-following delights.


PS Planners I’ve been inspired by, and that are much more colorful and detailed than my words here. Planners are personal. Choose what inspires and fits your life, work, style. Enjoy.

Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner

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