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You are determined to be freedom-seekers in a Mass Consciousness society that is determined to make you the same., Excerpted from Asheville, NC on 10/25/03

Who do you work for?

Who’s your boss?

Are you a free-thinker? or a follower?

Are you an employee? or an independent contractor?

Our IRS offers guidance applying to insurance, tax and business purposes. Lines are a lot more blurred these days, in my opinion.

Companies and individuals regularly outsource services that are not their primary focus or strong suit or personal energy interests to do: lawn care, child care, pet care, shopping, laundry, housekeeping, scheduling appointments, meal prep, hiring, staff management, project work and services of every kind.

Dan Pink wrote Free-Agent Nation in 2002 and A Whole New Mind in 2006. I read them that long ago too. Tom Peters’ Brand YOU and Re-Imagine were in that mix also, because I’m one of those independent-minded workers–even when I was employed in a corporate workplace. I called it a corporate playground, and to the extent I could, I was my own brand.

Alexandra Stoddard’s Daring to Be Yourself introduced personal style–in every area of one’s life, a decade before that, and I have dared to be myself ever since.

Who’s dress code are you required to follow?

It’s not listed as an independence indicator by the IRS; it’s an indicator, though. How we dress, where we work out of, and when–our work hours–are also.

Being appropriate to a client project role can be done and still honor our inner being. I dress in what I feel good in, and there’s a certain Everyday Goddess look and feel in there. … even when I’m working at a client site. There are environmentals that go where I go. Taking care of my inner being is as important as externals.

Personal technology and freedom to use it.

Another independence indicator not listed by the IRS. Using our electronic devices–accessing email and phone messages–are how we connect with clients, prospects, and do our work. As independents, we manage these as needed during our day. As an employee, these were restricted in my corporate playground.

What are your indicators of independence?

Your indicators of independence–both personal and professional ones–are important. Freedom is built into us. Take note of independence and freedom needs and quirks, and honor them; play with living them; dare to be yourself in ways that feed and free your spirit.

Happy Independence Day!


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