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Learning to relax–really, truly, peacefully, relax–to let go of chaos, is essential, health and self-care.

A swirling world surrounds us. Activity, media, jobs, family–life pushing us; multi-tasking, faster-and-faster; getting-more-done, productivity, squeezing more in are pushed on us as great values to success. We want it all or we want to do it all. So many choices on life’s buffet. Where’s the time? How can we fit more in? How can I relax? There’s so much going on.

Cost factors–beyond money–though, are high, especially to things we take for granted–our health, relationships, support systems; our smile, our soul, our sacred spaces; time, sleep, energy–until we almost (or do) lose them. It’s then we pay attention, and learning to relax becomes important. It’s much more than taking a weekend off. Daily, deliberate little choices are within our power; and they add up to a better, healthier, happier, contented, peaceful self.


Priorities come out of experience; a solid knowing of what, for you, are required priority elements of your life, health, happiness, relationships, well-being. Boundaries, Backbone, Balance, and Beliefs come to the forefront here. It will require saying No to some things and people; priorities put us in touch with our own core, non-negotiable needs–no apologies–and also require our inner power to protect what we care about. Our health, our self, our energy goes on top of that list.

Be prepared for push-back: “How can you be so selfish?” or “lazy” or “inconsiderate” or “not a team player” … ? (Fill in whatever guilt-trigger words get thrown at you by those who are accustomed to your being a Yes person.) There’s a strength–and risk–in standing up for one’s core health needs.

Boundaries and Backbone

Boundaries give us the space and time our well-being requires for optimal health, functionality, performance, generosity, creativity.

Backbone is required to voice your boundaries and enforce them. There are resources, specific to women, to help you do this from a place of confidence and authenticity.

Balance and Beliefs

Balance is a moving-target and looks different for each of us. So first, what might balance consist of for you right now? What are your priorities, elements of your life-stage, week, month, roles, work projects? What elements are negotiable? Time and physical presence are often considered in today’s work-life-balance scenarios. I’ve worked in corporate, and have coached others in the art of crafting a proposal to bring forward when they made their request–to be sure they come prepared with a solution in hand–a win-win one.

Beliefs are brain food. Take a look at yours and take note: Are yours supportive to peaceful relaxing and letting go, restful sleep, guiltless play and pleasure? Or are they feeding your monkey brain with chaotic chatter and creating endless unrest, discontent, dis-ease?

Beliefs come from many places, often from childhood and families of origin. And like favorite clothes and shoes we loved and owned back then, over time, we grew and they don’t fit anymore. Beliefs are like that, too. Every so often, closets need to get cleaned out… mostly because we’ve been finding–and buying–more fitting, stylish, desirable things that we want to add to them. We know our closets, ladies! And we know ourselves. Let go of what doesn’t fit anymore or no longer your style; and welcome in and feel good in what you’re wearing–clothes and beliefs.

Again, our purpose here is learning to relax, because your health–this body, mind, spirit, soul, emotions, intelligence, productivity, presence, and all of our quality of life priorities–depend on it.

I believe we came here to help each other; and to enjoy the connecting and creating, the learning and growing, the navigating and strategizing. And also to hold each other when we’re hurting, to be comforting presence to one another when needed; to be mirrors reflecting our light, beauty, grace, and strength back to us when we need reminding.

This is how I work. If you’d like to work with me, it’s a mutually supporting, uplifting creating, goddess-growing endeavor. Let’s start easy:

Goddess-Growing Books review / intro – Oct 9. Always be reading some thing that makes you feel good. Let’s find out what those are for you and your relaxing and being good to you.

Monthly memberships to stay in flow with your self-commitment to your soul self support system.

Relax … Priorities … Boundaries and Backbone … Balance and Beliefs …

Artist: Jenni Hopfinger

It’s an art and a dance of our soul and heart … with beauty, light, joy, whimsical wonderings and travelings … and courage is easier feeling supported.

With love and life – Anne Wondra

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