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For most, $10 is easy to spend. It’s an “Oh, I can do that, easy, no-big-deal.”

I think it’s important we get comfortable doing that–and commit to doing it more often–directing flow of this easily doable good where it is in our joy to do so. This connects what we care about in our heart, and flows energy and support to hose people and places who feed our soul.

I’ve been studying, writing, and reading about prosperity, wellness, spirituality, and happiness a long time now. Mostly I’ve learned that money is an energy–like electricity. It’s value is connected to what it’s use for. It’s also one of my teachers for lessons my soul is here to explore and grow in.

Perfect playgrounds

Like electricity, money needs to be channeled or harnessed to be useful; it needs a container that allows it to flow and work for us. It’s something to be respected, not feared.

Respect and Fear are important emotions; one keeps energy flowing, the other restricts it. Same with money. Fear restricts it.

Electric-wire fences

Many hold fears when it comes to money; and it’s common to be judging, disparaging, and critical of those who have money. It’s something about this growing up in the Midwest. I’m one of them, so I grew up with those attitudes also.

Changing those attitudes has been one of my tasks.

It’s part of my Life School–maybe yours too–to find an easier and healthier relationship with Money. My Life Classroom–perfect playground–included growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, and early experiences with Electric-wire Fences… a simple wire that gives off one heck of a shock when touched.

This is where I learned to respect the power of electricity, containers and circuits, and to use electricity for a purpose–and where the switch was to shut it off. I also learned about shorts in a fence line.

A short is something that interrupts, stops, or siphons-off the flow of electricity–which means an electric-wire fence no longer gives off a shock when touched and cows break out of their pasture. A short can be a blade of grass or a fallen tree branch extending from the ground to the wire.

After a while, you learn what’s needed for electricity to flow without shorting out. Some materials are conductors of electricity, like metal and water. Other materials are blockers or insulators, like wood and rubber.

Cash Conductors and Circuits

You and I influence resources and asset flows. At home, for example, we direct the flow of prosperity through brands we buy in a grocery store, furniture that comes into our home–or doesn’t; personal services providers for haircuts, coffee stops, health and fitness; and much more. Notice that when you have a preference and voice it, chances are favorable that your preference is followed.

That’s how we are conductors of cash flow circuits every single day. We do it easily and naturally with these services and household purchases, and feel good about them. At the same time, we are forwarding the flow of energy. It’s working; it has a container and is being used for good, to do work as we’ve directed it.

Shorts and siphons

Like those electric-wire fences, sometimes in life, there are shorts that stop or siphon-off electricity flow–cash flow in our terms. It doesn’t matter which direction the flow is going. A electric circuit is continuous. What goes around, comes around.

Relax and respect the energy. We are conductors and receivers.

In every decision and conversation, and especially about where and how we direct money, time, thoughts, heart and soul, and personal stands about something, we are conductors of electricity / energy / currency–that of Respect and Love or of Fear….allowing flow or creating blocks.

Love-flowing support

During quarantine months, many of us made conscious investments in local small businesses; we wanted to do what we could to support them: we bought gift certificates, take-out meals, made direct donations of whatever we could share. It came from our hearts. We were all in this together. For many, our small efforts–even $10 at a time–made a difference.

There are some who play in big number worlds–and others who get overwhelmed by those. We think our small contribution is too insignificant to matter, so we hold back. I think it’s a loaves and fishes thing: as one who travels a bit, I always bring along snacks–enough to share if needed–and often, I end up sharing some of them. I suspect other travelers bring along snacks, too. There’s enough when we share what we have, even when the amount is modest.

When we direct / conduct the flow of energy / electricity / currency / whatever we have to offer, and it comes through our heart and it feels easy, no-big-deal, that’s electricity / energy / current / cash flowing for us. Pay it forward; there’s a ripple affect of energy and economic flow, and prosperity goes where your soul is fueled.

Lightening Bolts! Electricity in the Air

You might scoff at ideas here. Many heard “Money doesn’t grow on trees;” we learned to be frugal; and when career choices came around, someone challenged us on How or Where an amount of funds was going to come from or how we’d make a living doing what we really wanted to do.

Still, in spite of everything, you’re still here and have somehow made it. Chances are, a lot of circumstances fell into place; there was a big break; someone took you under their wing and opened doors for you; or it’s pure miracle you’re here today, in spite of everything. In other words, somehow it all works out–and it’s not all of it our own doing. As much as we’re conditioned to plan everything out, Life seldom goes as planned.

Lightening Bolts! Massive infusions of Electricity shoot into the world, directly from the heavens. Puts nitrogen into the soil, good for the corn, is what Dad said once. Storms and thunder and Lightening bolts; Nature’s power gets our attention. And if there are massive infusions of one kind of Energy / Electricity out of nowhere, there are others….including currency / cash / energy flow that are provided. Isn’t that some interesting openness.

I don’t think we’re in this alone. And if we are 100 percent responsible for every single story we tell–because we make them up (Gregory Kuhn), then I’m playing with stories that keep my Electrical Currents flowing, rather than ones that short it out or turn it off. And when it comes to cash / currency, I’m playing with happily directing / spiritual tithing an easy $10 to wherever my spirit and heart are fed. We all have causes of the heart; we all feel good about doing what we can. Everything matters.

Have a wonderful day. Enjoy the magic, notice the miracles. Be open for more.


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