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The beauty of resting in Divine Source is that you never have to beg for anyone’s attention. Whoever is meant to come will come… And whoever doesn’t isn’t needed. Love knows who to send and when.

Tosha Silver

An oracle card dropped; it said FOCUS–on intentions and desires; don’t get sidetracked.

Writing Wednesday – May 2020

Yet, said sidetracks are part of Divine Order, and Love, too. Do you value the destination, or the journey, more?

It’s the ride on the river we signed up for, to experience and enjoy. The experience of getting to a destination–life traveling–even those sidetracks, perhaps hold additional insights, information we need for our project-destination.

Yesterday’s inspiration, another course, Creating an ordinary life I Love. And like before, I start writing on note cards with ideas, resources. And I just wrote a few more as ideas popped in. Sidetracks to this assignment? Or inspired actions?

Be what you seek: Your word is your law.

Tosha Silver

Thoughts are boomerangs, returning with precision to their Source. Choose wisely what you throw.


So the words I use and the lens I choose are ones that allow pleasure, joy, co-creating, life-traveling fun, inspiration, and feels taken care of for me.

Having an intention to focus on is like the cover photo of a jigsaw puzzle box. You know all pieces in there somehow come together to look like that picture.

And as anyone who’s ever put one of these puzzles together knows, it’s a process; often takes more than one sitting; and the only reason you’re doing it is because you enjoy the process, the experience, of finding pieces and putting them together.

Same with sidetracks, life traveling, and creating a life.

Try on an idea or two.

Try on an idea that you never have to beg for anyone’s attention; that a focus is like a jigsaw puzzle cover with an image that pleases you; that all the pieces you need for are there; that you enjoy the process of finding and connecting them. It’s fun.

Get sidetracked in between; come back later. You’ll find more pieces to connect.

Sometimes others help; it’s a co-creative collaborative project.

Enjoy it.

Anne 🙂

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