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Two conversations yesterday; both spoke of how we deal with our agitated energy in times of unknowns and unrest. One spoke of how some are more fragile; the other woman spoke of having a feeling of something coming that was keeping her awake at night.

As Divine Timing would have it, I opened my Kindle when I got home to find Outrageous Openness and this waiting:

No Worry, Send Blessings

Worry is like throwing kerosene on a fire. –Suki James

Often in the course of a session, people tell me of someone they’re concerned about. Maybe they have a child, parent, or friend with a medical issue or financial problem. They say they worry about this person all day long as a token of their undying love.

But if you care about someone, worry is the worst energy you can send. It directly transmits fear and restriction, since we usually visualize all the darkest possible outcomes. So even if it’s well intended, worry blankets the poor recipients energy field in a negative vibe. Image a black Express Mail envelope marked “Thinking of You” filled with muck, mildew, and a few skull bones.

That’s worry.

So it’s simple to learn to send blessings as soon as worry begins. Just hold the person in your mind filled with light and happiness, see them peaceful and content. Do it day after day. That’s the single most useful gift you can mentally offer anyone you love.

A woman called who was panicked about her daughter’s first pregnancy. Every night she lay awake visualizing every possible disaster. Her imagination was on overdrive…. Because she and her daughter were so bound, I knew the young woman was receiving this energy and worrying even more. … So I convinced my client to send blessings.

I got an email later. She had created a circle of friends and family who got on the phone every night to mentally send her daughter light. They surrounded the birth with ease and happiness.

The daughter began to feel uplifted; the birth went well. Cynics might say it could have gone smoothly anyway, but who cares? Why make loved ones shovel their way through all the fear you’re unintentionally sending?

And if you think you don’t have time to bless someone, consider how consuming worry can be. Anxiety can be a full-time hyper-focus mental devotion for an obsessed mind. And learning to shift from worry to blessings just takes practice.

So send them. To your loved one, to strangers, to enemies, to animals, to the planet. And of course, to you.

Tosha Silver, Outrageous Openness

Books and people

Outrageous Openness (above) and other books by Tosha Silver. Her books are full of gentle practical peace-and-calming-of-energy tools and prayers to reassure and refocus an overactive brain and imagination.

Greg Kuhn, Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail and Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You.” He’s got a sense of humor and explains physics things in everyday-person terms, so they make sense.

Abraham-Hicks, Well-being meditation and daily Law of Attraction emails.

Bella Grace Magazine. Gentle spirit soul food in soft words and beautiful pictures; a short-reads feast.

Nancy Nicholas, Spirit Earth Coaching, intuitive life coach and soul friend I’ve known and learned from for a long time; still do. Follow her blog; start there. A recent post, Staying Centered.

Nicole Isler, another someone I know and love in real life–for years and years–who’s full of energy, and works mostly with ambitious, inspired women entrepreneurs who are also highly sensitive, empath, types. She’s navigated this one all her life and brings a so much insight to thriving as you. Nicole’s another life coach, intuitive, and force of pure positive energy. She plays on Facebook as The Mindset Boss Lady, and writes and shares a lot of good stuff.

I hope there’s something in here you’ve found helpful today.

Taking care our energy is what makes the difference between enjoying life and living in emotions that drain the life out of you.

Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit

Sending blessing,


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