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Congratulations, your book “Relationship Rules” is now live and available* for purchase in the Kindle Store!

Words every indie author loves to see in her morning mail. No exception here. I’m delighted; lots of reasons: Personal paying it forward, being that kind of older sister, confidant, friend, others were for me. Off-hand words that mattered, places Life led us, people met and experienced along tha way. None of us do this life thing alone. This book encourages conversations, and thinking about a set of life rules and standards for yourself, regarding relationships of any kind. Storytelling, words that stay with us, even though we remember none of their context when first spoken. We all have those.


It’s a lot of hands-on learning-by-doing, and it challenges my brain a bit; in good constructive, creative ways. There’s always more to learn, to play with. For this one:

  • how to make eBook available in other places and e-Reader formats (Update: DONE. Have a look!)
  • how to set up a print-on-demand paperback edition (in process)
  • create an e-course option to offer personal and group interactive experiences (Sign up HERE and be part of creating it!)

And in between, there’s working with Vivian and her Woman Who Forgot Who She Was series. We’re in Book Two edits. (Love love love working with these stories and Vivian; in awe of such stories unfolding.) I love how everything I’m reading, watching, learning, and projects and people around us, are all interwoven and cooperating components. I’m having fun and not getting bored anytime soon. As long as I call it playing and stay in that energy, it’s fun.

Mindful that this is technology I’m dealing with, also know it’s important (vital) to my happiness, to switch to low-tech activities and do something else when energy, patience with computers, wears thin.

We must have objects of attention, that are ringing our bells, in order to feel the fullness of who we are, flowing through us…

Get your eBook copy today

And start some confidence-creating conversations around life rules, relationships, and happiness.

Enjoy! – Anne Wondra

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