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First day I write in new 2023 notes journal. With tha move, a new place, boxes to unpack, rooms and spaces to open and clear (for practical things like cooking and a comfy, uncluttered place to relax and write), these were days (weeks) outside of calendar time. So Happy 2023!

It’s a “7 year” in numerology. Of course, I had look into its metaphysical / spiritual meanings. Completion and perfection appear. Searching for more to inspire this new year, I found it:

The 7 is the thinker, the seeker, the searcher of truth. The numerology meaning of the Number 7: The Philosopher.

World Numerology(R), Master Numerologist Hans Decoz, Numerology Meaning of 7

I don’t know if I have any sevens in my chart. For me, this is energizing, resonates, centers, and inspires. How about you?

Wishing all a happy, healthy, inspiring, joyous new year 2023. – Anne

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