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Reunion last night, unofficial more or less. An off-year one. Last time was fifteen-plus years ago. Life happens; high school reunions fade to the back. I appreciate those who decided to just schedule one and do it. They set a date, picked a local, casual place, and started using Facebook, newspaper ads, and word of mouth to get the word out. The turnout was small. Summers are short and high school class reunions aren’t everyone’s thing. I like them, so I was there. There’s something about roots, and wings too.

Some have been classmates since first grade, a long time. Others I hardly knew, then or now. Really know? Not really. Small talk. Snip-its. Trying to catch up, connect. Some easier than others. Loved those.

The drive home, I think of what I wished I’d asked. Or given me, I wish it would have been a question cue card and each of us would have asked each other. "Who have you become since our last reunion, or in your life?" –a little different variation of "How are you doing?" "What are you doing these days?" I like the questions that start the conversations about stuff that matters. Life is short. Time is more valued now. So are relationships.

Desiree and Deb, thank you for opening the opportunity. And for bringing the yearbook.

To all who gathered last night, love and light and happiness. I’m glad you were there, and that every once in a sometimes great while, we connect for class reunions. Take care.

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