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Simple Pleasures – Egg salad sandwiches

It’s a given that the week after Easter includes egg salad sandwiches.  It’s a simple pleasure I’d never given much thought to–until this year.  You see, I was part of the annual family egg-coloring get-together–only I didn’t bring any eggs back home.  We were traveling, visiting, out of town, staying overnight…and eggs may or may not have been fine in the trunk for 24 hours.  No big deal… I thought.

And then came Monday…and Tuesday…and I was missing the egg salad!  Who knew something like simple egg salad sandwiches would be missed.  Only one thing to do: haul out the kettle and boil some eggs.  And today I savor that first wonderful egg salad sandwich of the season.

Life is good, and it is again those simple things that warm the heart.

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