Who’d name a cat ‘Poot Poot’?

Poot Poot the cat
Poot Poot

A  1st grader visiting a humane society maybe?

Poot Poot is a very friendly, handsome, vocal, and affectionate cat available for adoption at the Elmbrook Humane Society right now. Mike and I spent some socializing time with him last week.  What a love.  From his looks and personality, he’s probably got Bombay in him.

I first learned about and fell in love with these black beauties when Mitzy came into our lives twenty-some years ago.  She was another Bombay type with amazing eyes.  She would play…and fetch…and drape herself around our shoulders.

Poot Poot definitely likes attention and is looking for someone with a lot of love to share it with.  And if you’re interested in more than one kitty…so they have somebody to play with when you’re not home, there a some other black beauties at Elmbrook now too…and other colors and personalities as well.

What can I say.  I love ’em all.  If you’ve got a lot of love and are looking to add a feline member to your family, stop in and meet some of these great cats.  (Or Dogs, rabbits, and other pets in need of love and forever homes, if you prefer.)

And, if having  a pet is not possible: consider volunteering and or donating…or maybe supplying a new list of names for pets awaiting adoption…

For those who work with me, part of your membership is shared with EBHS.  Thank you for being part of something good.  – Anne 🙂




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