Everyday goddess community

Ask for what you want, desire; don’t get too attached–to anybody or anything, or the hows of your desires.

Center.  Quiet time.  Breathe deeply.  Be open.

Ask your angels, guides, ascended masters, a beloved soul spirit who has crossed over, to let all that comes to you be from your highest and truest self and Source, and for your highest good and that of others.

Breathe, move, sway, BE as you feel the energy currents; ‘see’ images or nothing at all.  Take note of thoughts, inspirations.

Ask angels and all of your divine spiritual support to go before you in all your happenings, meetings, encounters this day and prepare the way for a harmonious experience for you.  Thank them, knowing it will be so.

Promise yourself that you will honor their inner promptings on your behalf–your intuition, your internal guidance system.  Breathe in and exhale again.

Go in love and…

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