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The thing about loving and caring–about anyone or anything–is that it opens us to hurt and tears, and the heart to be broken.
I hold my mom in prayer this night.  Sister Melora, her cousin and lifetime friend, passed peacefully this evening, just a few hours after our visit.  Sister lived a good, long life; she was ready.  For mom, though, this is another loss in a particularly painful year that included a daughter.
This human life is set up to make attachments.  They’re apparently needed for our soul and spirit to grow and learn and evolve.  And yet…  How does one let go without the hurt and tears?
We have comforting beliefs about death and the afterlife.  Sometimes, often, we have confirmations.  We know they are okay.
It’s those heartstrings that connect us, that got attached to them, though, that are tugged when they physically leave us.  And when the heartstrings are tugged, the tears flow.  Our heartstrings are still attached and connected to them….  Memories, feelings, the empty hole their absence leaves behind.
No short cuts.   And no taking on someone else’s feelings or emotions.  We have our own…and they may not be the same.
Time heals…when we let it.  Nature’s way.  Cycles and seasons.  Life goes on.  And tears and tissues, and lots of hugs when we need them, help.
To love does open one to the pain of its loss.  To choose not to love, though, that’s a loss too; it leaves one alone… and missing out on an amazing part of being here.
Blessings and peace and lots of love and hugs.  Have a great time visiting my brother next week.  Sister Melora is in good hands.  You were present for her today.  There is nothing more for you to do.  Enjoy the living.  Enjoy the now, be present.

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