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Halloween Spirit Day at Kindred Spirit Center

I work out of a calming, peaceful place called Kindred Spirit Center, that I share with two other women-of-spirit practitioners.  One of them, Sue Katzuba, is joining me this week Wednesday, October 30, 11-7, for a day of Halloween Spirit-Honoring specials.  I love Sue, and when we can work together, it’s truly a treat.  Halloween blends the sacred and the secular, the fun and the serious.  So, we’ll offer a bit for both.


Halloween Spirits: black cats, witches, ghosts, masks/costumes; origins, resources, and sifting of sacred and secular connections, conceMo4rns, and Halloween blessing recipes. ($10)

Memories and Moving on: Some losses cut deep; and challenge, change beliefs, perspectives. Contemporary spiritual counsel and teachings about life, death, past lives, soul and life purpose, life after death, and eyes that see spirits. (special 1 hr $50; ½ hr $25)

Angel Card Readings: Spiritual wisdom, positive thoughts, inspirations, affirmations. ($10 / card)

Spiritual Bridges: Contemporary spiritual direction, personal path paving, potholes, and inner peace. (special 1 hr $50; ½ hr $25)

Reiki (special 1 hr $50.00 or 1/2 hr $25.00)2013-10-01 Sue K2

SEVA stress release (special 20 minutes $15.00)

Guided meditation with harmonic drum (1/2 hr special $10.00)


Happy Halloween Week, everyone!

– Anne and Sue



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