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Reality is not fixed; reality shifts and flows as a wave does. …  Nothing is set, static, or predetermined on this plane.  Everything is in constant change.  Your thoughts and perceptions change all the time, creating a new and different reality for you to live.
Detachment is necessary if you want to continue on the path of learning.  Your ego keeps you attached to this plane; this is its mission.  Detachment is a test that all of you need to master on your path to enlightenment.  Ego is strong and thrives on emotions.  Its energy is kept flowing through emotions.  Ego is what keeps you separated from the rest of the (Source) sparks and focused on this physical plane.  It is only when you recognize the true purpose of ego that can find unity with the rest of the sentient beings sharing this trip with you.  It is only by letting go of the hold that ego has on you that you will experience compassion and learn your lessons.  Nothing is permanent…
The experiences from the lessons learned are the only baggage you can carry with you… Everything that is physical and attached to this plane must stay behind…because it has no life elsewhere.  The closer you are to mastering detachment, the quicker you will advance on your path to learning the ultimate lesson.  With detachment, there is no ego and no reason to compete, to fight, or to hurt others.  There are only compassion and love for everything on this plane.
Learn to detach not only from physical things but also from the physical beings surrounding you, including your family members.  Learn to look at them as fellow travelers who have chosen to travel with you during this lifetime and share their experiences with you.  You are all each others teachers.  You will meet them again in other lifetimes.  Death should be looked upon as the ultimate detachment experience and as a successful graduation into a different experience and noting to be feared.  – Dalende, Conversations with a Friend

Why am I here?  
It’s a deep, pivotal question most of us ask sometime….usually when something rocks our world, changes our perception of how it’s supposed to be or happen, or our curiosity is piqued.  Mine was rocked, July 25, 2012.  A lot of things took on new meaning.
Passages like this, gave me pause to consider a higher perspective–one not usually taught this way:  that our perceived reality is not fixed; nothing is permanent here;
Our ego is not an enemy.  It serves a necessary role, to keep us engaged in living… even though it brings drama sometimes.
The paradox is that detachment–letting go–is necessary to continue our growing and learning…

For me it is that paradox that cuts the deepest.  We build relationships–beautiful, wonderful ones…attachments–the very ones required for our happiness and delight, and also for us to grow from.

Laura always said, “Life is uncertain; eat dessert first.” (How did she know her time here would be so much less than mine?  More words that take on a heightened significance.)

In other words, this moment now is my time to love and treasure and appreciate and be.

Hold on with an open hand to everyone and everything.  We are only on loan to each other for a limited time here.  In today, what do I love, and what would I love to experience more of like it, do more of, feel more of?  My thoughts and desires influence how I feel.  I want to feel good, happy, alive.  Time and how I spend it, is much more precious now.  I have tasted how fleeting it is.  And I choose to go for the joy.

I walk with angels and guides, one in particular.  I pay attention and allow; and learn and appreciate.Angel flying by

This is the only plane we have these physical and visceral experiences–pleasures and challenges–to delight in, enjoy, and learn and grow from.  These lives are schools and playgrounds for our souls.  And being a lot lighter about all this–and leaving all the drama out of it–is a good idea.  Our souls came here to play and to grow, intentionally, with those we share this playground with.  And we will and do have other lifetimes and playgrounds here (college research paper was on reincarnation–fabulous playground for a religious studies major).

I know all this.  And still, I also know the facial-tissue industry will not go out of business anytime soon.  Tears and band-aids are part of every playground experience–only a small part, though–necessary part for our learning-to-heal lessons and then we can go on.   My tears are much fewer now; I’m back in the playground.  Personal growth is always part of this journey.

Love and light and joy in living, everyone.  – Anne 🙂

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