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Supporting Celebrating and Growing Your Greatness
Supporting Celebrating and Growing Your Greatness


1st Mondays

Spiritual Bridges – Women and God beyond Religion | 6:30 – 8 pm | Kindred Spirit Center – Waukesha.  Religions divide; women connect.  Women are relational and compassionate; our heart and soul and lives are spiritual beyond religions.  A series of four monthly sessions and conversations exploring women’s spirituality and support of openness, growing intuitions, inclusion of diversity, and spiritual bridges from past to present.  Classes meet Dec 2, Jan 6, Feb 3, Mar 3.  $150 for series; $45 due at registration.  More / register at

3rd Mondays

Essential Oils – Nature’s Medicine | 6:30 – 8 pm | Kindred Spirit Center – Waukesha.  Free smelling and telling and sharing about nature’s modern-day (and very old-time) folk medicine, healing-grade essential oils, for healthy living enthusiasts.  Open Q&A.  No pressure.  Whether you’re a member or just exploring, welcome.  More at  RSVP at least 2 days ahead please.


Becoming Real Women’s Wellness Series | 3;30 – 5 pm | Kindred Spirit Center – Waukesha An 11-session series–a mix of private and group sessions–beginning with Becoming REAL, a women’s health and wellness resource by Rose Kumar MD.  Come to the ones you can.   $250 for series; $50 due at registration.  Class schedule and additional information at or call 262-544-4310.

1st Wednesdays

Sacred Feminine Series | 6:30 – 8 pm | Kindred Spirit Center – Waukesha.  Adding Sacred Feminine to our awareness changes everything.  The Dance of the Dissident Daughter provides a backdrop resource to a series of spirit-feeding, empowering conversation encounters among women.  Seven sessions: November through May.  Come for the ones you can.  $150 for the series; $45 due at registration.  Class schedule and additional information at or call.


Sacred Feminine Series | 9:30 – 11 am | Kindred Spirit Center – Waukesha Same description as series above–only weekly sessions, instead of monthly.  Class schedule and added details at


Love-Your-Life Grow Your Greatness *Guidebook for Goddesses*

Lessons and Life Support to Humor and Honor your everyday goddess heart and soul on this Earth-Journey Adventure we’re on.

We are so much more than we know.

A collection of classes and wisdom and resources, collected and created over a lifetime, to make some things in a woman’s life Simpler, Easier, Happier, Healthier, and more Joyful.  The are full of empowering words and wisdom to inspire, feed, and fuel your inner goddess…
A whole package contains all 16 sets of materials and take-away resources that go with them.  Additional details over at my Everyday Goddess Community.

Trying something new … simplifying again.

Newsletters… to do or not to do?
I’m trying this format today–using this site–as an alternate perhaps.   So in the mix of usual All-things-Anne-Wondra kinds of writings, there might also be some weekly? or bi-weekly? At-a-Glance posts like this.
Let me know your thoughts.  Is this helpful?
Thank you.  – Anne

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