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Our church taught us to fear some words, told us they were evil, or at least led us to believe they were words of darkness.  Some never looked up those words for themselves.  They just took it on faith that a church who told them these things was telling the truth… when really, they were just passing on what had been passed on before.
Who would dare question a church or pastor?
Back then, we were young and impressionable.  As we became adults, those impressions stayed–unless we majored in religious studies and were seasoned to hear and see differently…because our life and spirit brought us experiences that challenged beliefs and words we’d been taught to fear.
During Halloween some of those words surface more prominently.
Let me share some holy words that have been misrepresented–and what they really mean in my experience:
Pagan – Means ‘of the earth,’ ‘country dweller.’  I grew up on a farm, which made me a country-dweller.  Pagans honor the earth, Nature’s cycles and seasons.  Every woman knows about cycles and seasons.  Anyone who grew up on a farm, or has a garden, knows the impact of Nature and seasons on one’s livelihood and life.  They are also very aware of the Sacredness and miracles in how life works, flows, transforms, heals.
Witch – A practitioner of the Wiccan religion, an earth-honoring and nature-based religion, predating Christian times by centuries.  Gods and goddesses – divinity imaged and imagined in both feminine and masculine beings and language.  Spells and incantations or prayers and rituals. Not really much different.  In all cases, a celebrant chooses their intention.  And lest your fears get in the way, take note, there is no ‘evil being’ in the Wiccan religion.  I hear
Pentacle or Pentagram – A five-pointed star representing Earth Air Fire Water and Spirit, a sacred symbol in the Wiccan religion.  Again, not to be feared.  One wearing a five-pointed star is aware of natural elements, and is respectful of them.
Tarot Cards – These are teaching cards.  Pictures and stories.  Archetypes everyday humanity can relate to.  The artist chooses the energy they will put into their cards.  Card readers choose decks with art they are drawn to. And these days, there are many other kinds of card decks as well.
Occult – Other culture, a culture of beliefs different from our own.  That doesn’t make them evil or bad–just different from our own.  Movies, churches, and popular culture like to prey on fears and boost ratings…and perhaps keep their own members in fear instead of freedom.
Are you dancing with evil? or freedom?  What’s in your heart?
Join me and special guest, Lynne Carol Austin for this Wednesday evening’s Author Sanctuary, October 1, at the Kindred Spirit Center and learn where tarot cards and Christianity connect.  It’s not every day you get a beautiful invitation like this.
Blessings – Anne
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    Halloween is soon upon us; October opens with a special book reading, author sanctuary called ‘Ten of Swords,’ where tarot cards and Christianity connect. It’s a good read with a wonderful author. Join us Wednesday in person and hear more. – Anne

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