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Hello beautiful ones,
My friend Nancy Nicholas shared a piece in a recent post that resonated for me.
…that much of the trouble we have manifesting what we want comes from our not knowing who we really are.  Animals don’t hold beliefs about who they are but just act intrinsically from their essence.  A dog is a dog.  A fish is a fish.  They don’t feel the need to “think” about whom they are, they just are that.  Humans, however, frequently have beliefs about who they are or who they think they should be.  This interferes with coming into alignment with our life purpose and with our ability to create from love.
Beyond the conditioning and expectations of others, who are you really?
Sometimes we need someone else to help us see, and articulate, what we can’t.  Ask Spirit to guide you.  It’s all part of a magnificent journey.  And once you know who you really are, so much more fits and flows with ease.
Shine your light.  Be who you really are.  And yes, it takes courage.  Self-discovery is a powerful, personal sacred path though.
Blessings and light on your travels.   You have empowering lightworkers here to lead and encourage Hello beautifulyou.  – Anne

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