Lent re-story-ed

Hello sweet goddesses and guardian angels, I’m bringing one out of the archives today. Lent came up in a conversation earlier… and you know how one thought leads to another…. which led me here… Tap in, follow your heart and spirit. – Anne

All things Anne Wondra

In Catholic school days of my childhood, Lent meant giving something up, like chocolate or candy or dessert or watching television…more of a nuisance; not really anything connected to spirituality.

Many years later, in a parish miles away from that small town, along comes the most gorgeous eye-candy priest walking down the aisle–with sandals and flowing robes and a voice and stories and presence that touched my heart and soul. That year, instead of ‘giving up’ something, I added something to feed my spirit: a mid-week church visit. It was uncanny how the message always seemed to be just for me

Years later, I did give something up for Lent, choosing a vegetarian lifestyle.   And it was spiritual…doing something, making a change, that fed my spirit.

It had been happening for awhile. And using Lent in this way was an honoring and aligning of my…

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